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Google VIRUS - Website Hacked

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    The Google virus hack is NOT an attack on Google...  it's an attack on your website which shows Viagra SPAM in Google Search Result Pages (SERPS) since it is your website that is hacked.  When you click on the search result for your website in Google, your website will do one of two things if it is infected.

    • Show an online pharmacy actually on your website address trying to sell viagra and other pharmaceuticals.
    • Redirect visitors to another website which shows the same as No.1

    As you can see, your website must be visited first before the 'Google Virus' can be initiated and visitors redirected.

      How visible is this hack and what is the impact?

      VISIBILITY:  To the owner, virtually invisible unless the owner searches for their website on a regular basis.  To the visitor, extrememly visiable if you are found in search resuylts and they will stop visiting your website since they see viagra and other pharaceuticals for sale.

      The only time the business owner will know is if a visitor to the website lets the owner know there is an issue or the owner regulary checks their website online.

      IMPACT:  The Owner will see a drop off in sales or business leads from the website and that translates into an immediate impact on the business revenue.

      Unless the website owner routinely searches for their business online (Who does?) then the only time it becomes is when they are told.

      How to check if you have a website virus or SPAM?

      Go to the google home page and type in the following substituting "" with your actual website address.

      This will list all your pages stored by Google and you should browse through the results page for anything untoward, usually odd words or titles that are not related to your Business.

      If nothing suspicous is found, use the following search which is more targeted. [viagra]

      If this shows nothing, then your website is not necessarily free from a hack.  It may mean the hack is using different keywords other than viagra.  You should still have a Website Heath Check carried out to make sure.  It's free and will give you peace of mind.


      To fix the hack requires a detailed technical investigation into the code of your website to establish where the redirection is taking place.  Once identified, all code and files will be removed from the website using our Malware Removal Service.  We'll also recommend fixing your online reputation by cleaning the search results from Google that relate to Viagra or any other keyword that is not associated with your business and removing any blacklistings from 3rd party websites.

      It is far easier and less stressful for you to call Joint Plan to have your website fixed.

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