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Search Engine Optimisation Services: The Stumbling Blocks

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    Let’s say that you’re an owner of an e-commerce website, you're successful in your locality and you may be thinking of selling your products in European countries. Although your products / services are important, it is imperative you increase the exposure of your website in order to gain an audience, which in turn translates into sales.

    The most effective methods to achieve organic website traffic is engage in search engine optimisation, or SEO and Inbound Marketing. Success in business is always uncertain, and the same concept is applicable to your SEO campaign. Although you can always do it yourself, this task is better left to the experts and legitimate companies. Anyway, what are some unfavourable scenarios that you might encounter along the way?

    Results take time but know what the results mean.

    Make no mistake: SEO is very effective, especially if it’s done by an acclaimed and legitimate company. However, the results may take a lot of time to take effect. Some websites may reach the first page in just less than a month, while some could take six months to break through the top 20 rankings in Google.

    Patience is key but don't remain complacent. Ensure you receive your SEO reports, track change over time and keep an open relationship with your SEO company. Importantly, know what the reports mean and if you don't, find out. Working together with your SEO company forms part of the changing nature of your business.

    It’s too complicated

    Search engine optimisation isn’t a one stop, direct to the point practice. It involves a lot of concepts, tasks and considerations. For example, search engine optimization involves creating quality content, to be posted in blogs and the websites of different clients. The main role of this type of content is to appeal to both users (AKA website visitors) and the search engines themselves.

    Writing targeted content is not easy for the small business owner: you cannot throw keywords in a single blog post and expect it to go viral. Also, you can’t write in broken English and expect it to appeal to users. Bear in mind that content writing is just part of the equation: back links and other factors also come into play!

    It is unpredictable

    The way SEO companies do their job is reliant on the rules and guidelines set by search engines, particularly Google. Like trends on the Internet, the way companies do SEO may fluctuate and change on short notice. This is one of the reasons why hiring a company that has a history of excellent SEO Rankings in the industry is key.

    For example, Google has released several search algorithms in the past. These are namely, the Panda, Penguin and recently, Hummingbird. They help out in determining your overall ranking, but they can also determine if you’ve violated Google’s policies and guidelines. If they have found something wrong with your website, then it may warrant a “penalty”, which may range from a demotion in ranking to making your site a bottom feeder in the SERPs.

    Importantly, what is ethical SEO?: The way Joint Plan sees it, if something you're doing looks wrong for SEO, it is mostly likely going to be wrong even though Google and other search engines don't apply a penalty right now. You can trust they will later.

    Overall, search engine optimisation is still one of the best ways to bring inbound traffic to your website. Its success isn’t always guaranteed, and it might take time to come into effect, but its benefits will surely take you, your website, and your business to the next level!

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