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Social Media

Thursday, 31 July 2014 13:00

Does Social Media Boost Your SEO Campaign?

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A lot of search engine optimisation or SEO companies worldwide get hammered every time Google, Bing and Yahoo releases new updates and search algorithms. Of all the three however, Google has the strictest rules and the way they enforce these are rather harsh, but fitting, which in turn makes some website owners – and SEO companies – incorporate social media into their marketing strategies.

Having said that, if you are doing SEO on your website (or if you have someone do it for you), can social media help your campaign out?

Is social networking worth adding to your marketing arsenal?

When you consider the impact of Word of mouth and how it helps your business establish trust through recommendation, social networking takes it to the next level by exponentially reaching further into the void of friends of friends of friends of friends who you never had within your realm of influence before.

Take a look at this video to help you visualise just what social networking is capable of.