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Generating Interest with Website Design

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    Being able to get visitors to your website is one thing, having them know what to do when they get there is something different.  Visitor conversions and Lead Generation is an integral part of Website design.

    Rankings are up, visitors are coming but no one seems to make contact.  What's going on?

    Visitors respond well to an easy to navigate website, attractive modern design, clear actions, and Value add information.  Getting the right combination is the trick and to do that, you need to work at it. 

    How do I improve visitor conversion?  One trick is take a look at what the competition is doing from the research you carried out in our article on Search Engine Rankings and Competition and use those ideas to make something unique for your website.  This will generally allow you to use techniques that work and it comes down to how you implement the solution on your website.

    Website Design and visitor conversion go hand in hand.  Having compelling "calls to action", offers or valued information exchanged for contact details allows you to attract interest.  Using that interest to acheive a sale is down to your sales techniques as the website has done it's job..

    Remember these points when presenting your calls to action and offers.

    • Placement on the page is key
      • Top of the page moving offers are a focal point
      • When this is clicked on, a visitor must be sent to a page that is designed to have them make contact or complete an action
      • Strategically placed buttons or offers must fit wtihin the design and stand out enough to be one of 3 focal points on the page.
    • Never embed text in a graphic.  Search engines can't read it.
    • What you have on offer actually has to add value or be value for money
    • It it's not templting enough, nothing will happen or at best you have a couple of enquiries.

    I've done all this and more but it's not working... Experimentation is the next element.  If you do not experiement with the onpage presentation, calls to action and imagary  used, you won't be able to know what works.  Sifting out what doesn't brings you closer to what does and this refinement does take time but when it works, it will really work well.

    Here are some ideas when thinking about what to achieve visitor conversions and remember, your are trying to funnel the visitor into a process of providing more information.

    • Two steps with some work inbetween
      • First Step:  Research what people are looking for and create an offer based on that research
        • Keep it simple
        • Create different versions of the offer to trial
        • If you are offering value for money information, make sure you have a landing page with a contact form and the benefits of the information they will receive
        • Only request the absolute minimum when it comes to personal information
        • Ensure call-to-actions are simple to understand and don't make it too wordy.
      • Second Step:  Put it online and experiment with these ideas:
        • Different text for the same offer
        • Alternative title to catch the visitors attention
        • Alternative images (if used) to present a different feel or mood
        • Shorter and to-the-point buttons to click on (Can make a big difference)
        • Use different ACTION words like GET, BUY and generally make it a timely offer with TODAY or NOW
        • Subtle changes in colour can make all the difference
        • Don't over do it on calls to action on one page.
        • Consider a different position on the page for the call to action

    This is something to get you thinking differently when it comes to presenting offers on the page.

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