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Tips in Creating Effective Content in E-Commerce Sites

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    Tips for Creating effective content in e-commerce websitesA website's content is the most important element in creating websites, given that it's the reason why the Internet exists in the first place. Although the quality of the content matters, it's always the delivery and presentation that determines how it's perceived by users.

    Writing blog entries and news articles are different compared to writing product descriptions and other persuasive pieces, as there are several factors that come into play. You also have to think of your images and multimedia. So, in e-commerce, what are the concepts that you have to instill in content creation?

    Appeal to your users and visitors

    In news articles, you inform, while in poems and literary works, you express and impress. In writing content for e-commerce websites, you must be able to do all three concepts: inform, express and finally, impress. As of today, the Internet is the largest advertising medium in the world – its potentials are unbound and yet to be harnessed fully. Every impression, click, visit and scan you receive should translate to earnings and exposure. In order to do that, you need to do the concepts listed above. How?

    • Inform – provide information in a clear, concise and understandable manner. The important factor here is not how your writing style is without flaw, but it is how your users – and potential buyers – understand your content. Remember, in order to inform them, you must be able to make them understand what you've written.
    • Express – although your e-commerce website is not an avenue for you to express your feelings, it is a way for you to make your products EXPRESS themselves. In your e-commerce website, there two variables that you must focus on – your products and your users. In your content, you don't promote your brand name directly – you promote your products and your latest offers. You express how good they are and what they can do for your users.
    • Impress – doing this is hard, although once you achieve it, the visit could turn into a transaction and later on, a profit. You don't impress your users with your fluency and wide knowledge of adjectives – you do so by making your content clear and well-defined.

    Pieces of content in e-commerce sites include product descriptions, latest news and offers, as well as instructions in the transaction process.

    Focus on your users

    People love it when others are talking about them. This concept can be applied in writing web content for e-commerce sites: talk about your users all the time. Here are two, very important tips:

    • How do you promote your products? Naturally, you'd say how good they are – this is ineffective and done by thousands of other e-commerce websites. Do so by telling your users what they would miss if you don't avail your products or services, in order to create a sense of longing and urge to purchase.
    • It's all about your users. Take advantage of the “you”. Make your content conversational, as if you're talking to them over a coffee table. Remember, it's all about what they want, what they need and the benefits they'll receive.

    Mind the multimedia

    • Another element to keep in mind is the multimedia content of your website. Images are the only multimedia content that you need in your e-commerce site, although instructional and “how to” videos are encouraged. Music and audio files are a big NO-NO. In using videos and images, here are several aspects to keep in mind:
    • Make sure that the videos don't automatically play; let your users do what they want with it. Also remember to keep the file size low while not sacrificing quality at the same time. People hate pixelated videos and ones that load slowly!
    • In your inventory catalog, be sure to provide images for each item, but be sure that these are pocket-sized thumbnails that have a maximum file size of 12KB. This is highly important – you wouldn't pages to load slowly, right? Be sure to make individual pages for each product – provide in-depth descriptions and high definition images of it showing all angles.

    Overall, there are four qualities that can be derived from the three points that were raised: appeal, focus, functionality and usability. All these concepts make up effective web content, so keep them in mind when you're facing the keyboard!

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