Website Security

Website Security

Hacking, Scamming and Black Hat SEO at the World CupThe 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 started three weeks ago, and so far everything's been going smoothly but it isn't devoid of problems.

The worldwide event faced stiff criticism from Brazilian protesters, and the “hacktivist” group Anonymous, which decided to do something about it. If you're an English fan, you might no longer be concerned at all, given England's early exit, but still, you should be vigilant. Why? There are a lot of evildoers in the Internet, and you could be their next target

know your website securityThis morning has reported a Denial of service (DoS / DDoS) attack on their website which has made the site unavailable to all visitors.  With social media reports highlighting the website being unavailable for most of Monday (18/3/2014), it appears the attacked startered before 06:00 am PDT as has reported.

While are battling the attack and working to make the site fully functional again, this attack highlights the need for website security and the impact is has on a business.

With the right security / firewalls / architecture is place, could this of been avoided.  What is a DoS/DDoS Attack?

know your website securityIt has been recently uncovered that multiple DoS / DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have been taking place on WordPress website in which attackers are abusing the built-in pingback feature found in WordPress to carry out DDOS attacks on sites.

If you're website is based on the WordPress platform, there is the possibility for your site to be used in a Denial of Service attack.  What is a DoS/DDoS Attack?

Perhaps one of the most common methods hackers use to attack websites, Denial of Service can prove to be lethal to you and your business, especially since the holiday season is upon us when people are buying their Christmas presents.

Even a basic DoS attack could render your website to be inoperable, causing you to lose potential customers and possibly thousands of pounds (or dollars) of profit. Protecting your website from these attacks is important, and given that it could be done by any aspiring hacker with the right hardware and software, you're better off learning all about it in order to take preventive measures in the future.

Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet and provides a very easy blogging experience but with that easiness comes some lerking issues of Website Security or website security hardening.  Once Wordpress is installed using default settings, you are actually at risk.  Maybe not straight away but down the line, your blog will be at risk.

Unknown to you, using default Wordpress settings at the installation stage means you are inadvertantly opening yourself up to attack.  Why?  Default settings are great to get you up and running quickly when you don't know much about the technology behind it.  Within minutes, you'll have a blog, you'll install a theme and off you go.  You're blogging BUT... what about your Website Security?