Cancellation and Refund Policy

Joint Plan offers three services based on Monthly fees which are taken in advance of services being offered.

  • Hosting
  • Security
  • SEO

Payments for Joint Plan services are non-refundable for the current month of service.

When can I cancel my Joint Plan monthly billing for services?

You can cancel at any time and Joint Plan will continue services through to the end of the term for which you have paid (generally monthly)

An Example:  If you paid for a recurring monthly SEO Service, you can cancel during the current month and your next payment will not be taken as long as it is in writing and before the start of the billing period.  Joint Plan would still complete work on your SEO service as agreed for the current period.

How do I cancel my Joint Plan monthly recurring services?

To cancel your recurring billing, please notify Joint Plan in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a curtisy call to discuss why you wish to cancel.  The call is not mandatory but we do operate a continuous improvement programme and so would like to understand your reasons for not continuing services with Joint Plan.

What happens when I cancel?

If you cancel your your monthly service, your account will remain active through to the end date of your current billing period.   For Website Hosting we do recommend (but is not mandatory) to a 2 month period of notice so you can move your Website without any stress or pressure.  We do not change to move your domain away from Joint Plan and will provide all the details required to do so. 

If you require assistance to move your Web Site, Joint Plan offers a £150 service to move your website to a new host but are not responsible for any issues found when we move the Website over.  If there are issues, we will clearly document them for you to talk to your new hosting company to have them resolved.


For Joint Plan Website Design Services, your deposit becomes non refundable when the work starts.  If you choose to cancel prior to the start of the work, you will receive a full refund on your deposit less a charge to for the eletronic transfer (generally no more than £5.00)

We're sorry that we cannot issue refunds once your start date has passed.

An example:  If you decided on January 15th that you didn't want to use the Joint Plan Website Services and your start date in the Website Design Proposal was January 18th, you would need to notify Joint Plan in writing before the January 18th (not on the 18th) for recieve a full refund.