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Thursday, 25 October 2012 15:25

Generating Interest with Website Design

Being able to get visitors to your website is one thing, having them know what to do when they get there is something different.  Visitor conversions and Lead Generation is an integral part of Website design.

Rankings are up, visitors are coming but no one seems to make contact.  What's going on?

Visitors respond well to an easy to navigate website, attractive modern design, clear actions, and Value add information.  Getting the right combination is the trick and to do that, you need to work at it. 

Published in Website Design
Thursday, 25 October 2012 13:02

Your Search Engine Rankings & Research

Don't take chances when it comes to search engine rankings.  Research, Analysis and your Competition all link your to website on-page optimisation

Chance does not play a part in achieving Page 1 Google Rankings.  It takes Research, Keyword Analysis & Competitor insights to underpin your website design, conent, calls to action and more.

Whether revamping an old website or starting anew, all websites must take account of the marketplace to stand a chance of ranking on keywords that are realistically achievable, affordable and provide sufficient visitors to your website that justifies the investment.