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Perhaps one of the most common methods hackers use to attack websites, Denial of Service can prove to be lethal to you and your business, especially since the holiday season is upon us when people are buying their Christmas presents.

Even a basic DoS attack could render your website to be inoperable, causing you to lose potential customers and possibly thousands of pounds (or dollars) of profit. Protecting your website from these attacks is important, and given that it could be done by any aspiring hacker with the right hardware and software, you're better off learning all about it in order to take preventive measures in the future.

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If your website is showing a pattern of unnatural artificial, deceptive or manipulative links in Google Webmaster Tools, Google used to penalise your entire website and your rankings disappear but luckily this is no longer the case.

Google now penalises your website for the specific keywords that appear to be unnatural in the external unnatural links.  The good news is this allows you to resolve the specific issue but what do you need to do before you raise the your reconsideration request with Google?

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