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know your website securityThis morning Elance.com has reported a Denial of service (DoS / DDoS) attack on their website which has made the site unavailable to all visitors.  With social media reports highlighting the website being unavailable for most of Monday (18/3/2014), it appears the attacked startered before 06:00 am PDT as Elance.com has reported.

While elance.com are battling the attack and working to make the site fully functional again, this attack highlights the need for website security and the impact is has on a business.

With the right security / firewalls / architecture is place, could this of been avoided.  What is a DoS/DDoS Attack?

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know your website securityIt has been recently uncovered that multiple DoS / DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have been taking place on WordPress website in which attackers are abusing the built-in pingback feature found in WordPress to carry out DDOS attacks on sites.

If you're website is based on the WordPress platform, there is the possibility for your site to be used in a Denial of Service attack.  What is a DoS/DDoS Attack?

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