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Website Security - Reduce your risks Content Management Systems are powerful tools which simplify the creation and management of websites and have helped in the explosion of personal websites, blogs or businesses creating their own websites internally but with simplicity comes responsibility and risks. 

There are many techincal aspects to security which remain hidden in these cases.  Globally, security is an ever increasing concern for website owners and not activity managing your site brings significant risks to your business and reputation online.

Website security and how it affects you?

For most blogs, personal websites and small to medium sized businesses, the websites are on Shared Hosting Platforms or in the cloud with the website owner only having responsibility for the website and the software / scripts used within it. 

This is great as it significantly reduces the complexity of website ownership but it does not reduce the risks of being hacked.  If anything, the ease of setting up a website and installing scripts increases risks as security aspects of the website remain unknown or not thought of.

Focusing on the website, there are three distinct areas where security can be lacking but there is an important forth which you may not expect but remains a major contributor to websites being hacked;

  • Website Maintenance and lockdown - How up to date is your website CMS?  Are you monitoring your components and plugins for vulnerabilities?  Maintaining your website stops the fly-by-nighter hacker using simple and usually old methods of hacking your website but you need to lock down your website.
  • Active Defences - Filter out known suspicious bots from your website and importantly, suspicious visitor activity proactively.
    • Website Software Firewall & automatic banning of suspicious activity
    • More robust proxy filtering of every request to your site before a visitor (including hackers & suspicious bots) even reach your website
  • Malware / Hack Monitoring - In the event of being hacked, speed is the key to minimising the impact on your business finances and website rankings.  The quicker the hack is discovered, the more effective the our rapid response is in minimising the impact.
  • Computer Virus / Malware protection - One of the most common exploits to a website not the website itself but the fact the computer that manages the website is infected with Malware or virus that harvests usernames / passwords and monitors what you're doing.

Websites can never be 100% hack proof but a maintained website with active defenses and monitoring will significantly reduce the risks of being hacked.

  Website Security Services - Protecting your Business.

TestimonialHenry Passot -

One morning our team showed up to work only to find one of our website had been hacked and hundreds of pages of unseemly material was being generated and attached to our clients brand. I called Jason from Joint Plan and he took the ball and in short order the site was cleared and those pages were being removed from Google's index to our relief. Jason Rocked!
- Henry, eBusiness Director, Essential Services Inc