Our Simple, Open & Honest Approach as a Web Design Company.


Step 1: Meet to Discuss your business.

Let's discuss your business, your goals & your market and provide a proposal for your website.

Step 2: Design, Content and Keywords.

We'll create the design, you'll create some content and we'll investigate how you'll be found in Google

Step 3: Website Review, Tweaks & Live.

We'll put all of Step 2 into the final design, we'll sit down and tweak the website and have you online.


Small Business Web DesignWebsite Design to stimulate business growth

Small Business Web Design by Joint Plan

Joint Plan is a rapidly growing website design and security company offering professional SEO small business web designs for small to medium sized businesses, charities and sole traders throughout the United Kingdom and North America. 

With our website security services we offer small business owners real peace of mind.

Our reputation for high quality SEO Websites, attention to detail and customer service remaoin central to our ethos of supporting business online in the United Kingdom and North America.

With over 5 years industry experience as a web design company, Joint Plan specialises in high quality:

  • Small business web design
  • Bespoke website designs for small to mediums sized businesses
  • Cost effective websites for charities and sole traders
  • Specialist website security services at rates small businesses can afford

If you're considering an SEO website for your business, the most important advice we can offer is to stop and look at your business first, work out what you want to acheive through launching a website and discuss your options with Joint Plan.  We'll help fill in the detail.

Your website must have the right focus to acheive your specific business goals.  With Joint Plan as your partner, we will be able to guide you through the development of your website to help realise acheive your business goals.

Joint Plan continues to expand our small business web design portfolio and exceed clients expectations with results for businesses locally and internationally.

We're passionate about your business achieving online results and we offer our bespoke website design service to do just that.  With our custom, from the ground up design and development service , your brand will engage your visitors in a totally unique way.

Affordable Websites: Small Business & Charities from £699.

TestimonialJames Jackson - terranchronicles.com

I am very pleased with my new website, designed by Joint Plan. They created a site that is so professional, people I meet rave to me about it and then often congratulate me on it. I then have to tell them that I didn't make the website, just the eBooks that are on it.

My aims with site are two-fold. The first is to 'seal the deal' if someone is on the fence about my series. The second is to provide my readers with additional material, not otherwise available. The site not only delivers, but looks fantastic, no matter the device used. I can't express enough how pleased I am with the end result. - James Jackson

Our Pricing Promise.


Proposal & Detailed Price Breakdown.

Each proposal incorporates your requirements with the price shown in detail based on the components of the website you've asked for.

Our Price Remains Flexible.

During the design process you'll become aware of new requirements or decide to remove some.  You're not locked in to the final price.

NO Generic Sales Pitch for Support.

Our support model is simple: only pay for the level of support you need.  We'll cover the basics and from there, you'll determine the support you need.