Assessment - Hack Detection.Our FREE Website Security Service determines if you are Hacked.

Hacked or Not, We'll Validate your site Status for FREE

Your FREE Website Security Assessment will check website for malware and establish if your website is hacked and what the hack is doing to your website and business online.  Hack detection allows for prompt action to minimise the damage to your business if Website malware or website SPAM is found.  If caught early, SPAM and/or Ranking drops can be avoided so acting quickly means we may be able to reduce the impact on your business.

What do we assess when checking a website for malware?

Website Malware and SPAM can be very specific in how it operates to avoid hack detection and the devices it will attempt to compromise.  To that end, examination takes a multitude of tests to try and activate the malware or spam to isolate:

  • the device or devices being targeted such as PCs, iPads, Android Devices etc...
  • the files being loaded by the website and if any injected scripts or other harmful code is operating.
  • Redirections to malware sites or malicious files on your website placed by the hacker
  • the affect on your Google Search Results (and other search engines)
What is the potential impact on your business?

We've helped many businesses recover from hacked websites and each time we've asked this very question.  With hack detection generally being slow, the impact has been quite substantial for our clients:

  • Sales stop as soon as rankings dissapear
  • The stress this causes the business owner is emence
  • Costs vary and we've had reports of losses being £1,000's / 10's of thousands per day.

If you're assessment shows you are free of hacks, we recommend Website Malware & SPAM Monitoring as the key component to your website malware offense to hackers.

Monitoring = Quick response to minimise business loss

TestimonialHenry Passot -

One morning our team showed up to work only to find one of our website had been hacked and hundreds of pages of unseemly material was being generated and attached to our clients brand. I called Jason from Joint Plan and he took the ball and in short order the site was cleared and those pages were being removed from Google's index to our relief. Jason Rocked!
- Henry, eBusiness Director, Essential Services Inc