Get Peace of Mind with RESQ ®

RESQ is our propriatory App, hunting for hacked websites.

Have you received an email regarding your website from us?  RESQ has scanned your site and other online services to determine if your site is blacklisted or hacked with either Malicous software or a virus of some type.

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We manually check results from RESQ to ensure there are no false positives before we send any communications to website owners (we do not want to cause stress).  We include instructions in your email to enable you to validate what we have found independantly with Google.

Please remove the hack from my website today

Do you suspect your website is hacked?  Get your free assessment today and we'll determine if you have a hacked website.  We can have the hack removed within 4 hours*

* 71% of hacks removed within 4 hours.

Validate Independantly with Google.  Instructions Included.

Step 1: Site Security Assessment & Report.

Request your FREE Site Assessment and our security team will examine your website to determine its status for your own peace of mind.

If your website is hacked, we'll provide a breakdown of the issue and your next steps.  We also provide free information on repairing your website and restoring your Google rankings which we will also be able to do for you.

Watch the video that will provide an overview of Website Security issues and you'll learn more about Malware and Website Hacks.

Step 2: Setup Active Website Monitoring.

Active monitoring is one of the most important factors of Website Security.  The sooner you know your hacked, the less impact it will have on your business financially.

We'll locate the hack, remove all associated files and scan your database(s) to remove the hack successfully. Don't forget, once de-hacked we have to fix your online reputation.

Sign up TODAY - All-inclusive Website Security Monitoring

Step 3: Reduce Risks Website Hardening.

No website is 100% resistant to attack BUT that doesn't mean you leave your front door wide open and remain vulnerable to the simplist of attacks by want-to-be hackers.

Website Hardening will reduce your risks of being hacked and importantly stop hackers using known or common methods of attack.  Google finds over 9,500 hacked websites daily.

We'll analyse your entire website, provide a full report and on agreement, implement the changes needed to improve your website security.