Hardening -Technical Review.Detailed Analysis and Implementation of Security Enhancements.

Improved website security through website hardening

Security hardening can be targeted at many levels of a hosting environment and as the website owner, you will have no control over the vast majority of it.  Most websites are hosted on a shared platform which means website owners cannot change the configuration of the servers on which their website resides.

In these types of environments, the improvements to security are directly related to the website itself rather than the servers.  This does not stop us informing your hosting provider that your website was compromised and to check their systems.  This is an important part of the process.  Optionally, we're able to filter all requests coming into your website with external services that reduce your risks further and "virtually patch" your website from attack.

On that basis, our focus is the security of the website itself, it's structure and file/folder permission and what improvements can be made to harden the security overall.  Further, measures will be taken to improve the implmentation of the website with additional components added to deter common exploits.  Depending on your budget, we have one off pricing options or monthly subscriptions to our more robust security solutions which are external to your website. 

We will review many aspects of your website of which the following is a subset of the checks we undertake:

  • Full maintenance review of your Content Management System, components and plugins
  • Vulnerability check on the website plugins and component
  • Website Firewalls, .htaccess setup and improvements to the implmenetation of your CMS
  • Usernames / Passwords and what improvements are required
  • Backup and Recovery regime and best practice.

With the review we will provide a detailed breakdown of the improvements needed to reduce your business risks from hackers.  Rather than assume one size fits all when it comes to security and SME budgets, we'll provide options which keep you in control of your budget and allow you to manage the level of security your business needs based on your business risk.

  • Different Firewall options from one off pricing to monthly subscriptions for our proxy solutions
  • Website maintenance options (We can work your your website developer as needed so your costs are not duplicated)
  • Managed backup and recovery options with offsite storage.

Our process is in two phases... Discovery and Implementation.  Once we report on the current state of your website and the recommended changes, we'll agree the implementation and work with your developer (if needed) to improve the security.

Prevention is definately better than cure and by hardening your website, you'll reduce your future risks.

If you've been hacked before, you're already a TARGET!

TestimonialHenry Passot - essentialservicesinc.com

One morning our team showed up to work only to find one of our website had been hacked and hundreds of pages of unseemly material was being generated and attached to our clients brand. I called Jason from Joint Plan and he took the ball and in short order the site was cleared and those pages were being removed from Google's index to our relief. Jason Rocked!
- Henry, eBusiness Director, Essential Services Inc