My Website has been Hacked.How to Remove Malware from Website

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A Hacked Website will directly affect your rankings and business revenue.
Website Malware removal & company reputation restored within 24/48 hours*

Website DE-HACKED from £99.00

Google search results look hacked - Website Hack Removal is needed

Website DE-HACKED from £99.00


Your Full Website and Google Analysis

Establish the extent of the problem. Our team will review your entire site, reivew Google results and quote a fixed price to remove the hack and fix your reputation.

Repair your Site and Validate the Fix

Stop the hack in its tracks.  We'll review technical logs & analytical data to try and trace the origin of the hack while removing all malicious files and content. 

We'll Need to Fix your Online Reputation

Business Reoutation is everything.  We'll dedicate ourselves to removing the Google Viagra Spam Search Results associated with your business.

* Subject to Website Analysis & volume of URLs to remove      


Website Security Recommendations

You're not left in the dark.  Our team will provide recommendations to improve your website security and adivse of any vulnerabilities found.

Prevention is definately better than Cure

Being proactive is key.  Website monitoring services that intercept hack attempts and report in real-time provide more peace of mind.

3 Months Website Monitoring

Maintaining your business reputation.  We'll manually monitor your search results for up to 3 months to ensure all SPAM URLs are removed.


Immediate Website Actions

  • Change FTP Account Passwords
    Stop the Hacker from accessing website files and make sure you use complex passwords. Tree.cutt3r-1
  • Change Site Admin Passwords
    If you use a Content Management System, this will remove access to your content.
  • Change Email Passwords
    Your email passwords may of been compromised.  A Hacker could send SPAM from your account.
  • Joomla Website Hardening
    Do it yourself Website hardening from Joomla or use our your experts and order our Website Hardening Service.
  • Virus scan all Computers
    Buy Norton or Mcafee and scan all computers that are used by Administrators or content editors.
  • Check logs for failed logins
    Log files can show failed attempts at hacking your site and its important to review them immediately.
  • Disable unused admin accounts
    All it takes is a username and password.  Reduce the risk by deleting all unused accounts.
  • Wordpress Website Hardening
    Do it yourself Website hardening from Wordpress or use our your experts and order our Website Hardening Service.


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NOTE: These actions allow you to take control of your website and restrict access from any unauthorised persons. This does not remove the hack from your website.