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Respond quickly when your website is hacked - 24 / 7 / 365

Active Website Malware Monitoring from Joint PlanWebsite Security Monitoring is the critical component of your defense against hacking.  Website Security Hardening reduces your risks of being hacked by fly-by-nighters and the more persistance hacker but it can never reduce your risks to zero which is why Website Malware Monitoring is critical.

If a hacker is determined to compromise your website, we'll be alerted to the hack quickly to minimise the impact on your business as well as your rankings in search engines.  Website malware monitoring makes a real difference to your business.

Remember, website security is not always the weakest point of entry.  More often than not websites are compromised as a result of:

  • Compromised computer  - Poor virus / malware protection on your computer
  • Not using unique and complex passwords on your website administration
  • External website services compromised and deliverying suspicious content.
  • Compromised email accounts

With Joint Plan taking care of your website monitoring, we'll be alerted to the hack and can take actions as a first step to removing access from the hacker.  We'll notify you of the security issue and our actions and we'll be able to remove the website malware on request.

We're able to detect all types of malware, website errors, disabled sites, database connection issues, SPAM injections and code anomalies that require attention.  By setting up your website malware monitoring today, you'll be safe in the knowledge if anything does happen, we'll be alerted and can take action immediately.

Remember, it is the website owners responsibility to maintain and secure the website.  Calling your Hosting company can help but ultimately, it is the owners responsibility to fix the hacked website.

We'll help you - Get 24/7 Website Monitoring setup today!

TestimonialHenry Passot -

One morning our team showed up to work only to find one of our website had been hacked and hundreds of pages of unseemly material was being generated and attached to our clients brand. I called Jason from Joint Plan and he took the ball and in short order the site was cleared and those pages were being removed from Google's index to our relief. Jason Rocked!
- Henry, eBusiness Director, Essential Services Inc